Weatherguard Exteriors

The website project for Weatherguard Exteriors was completed with Ballentine Media Inc. Weatherguard Exteriors is an industry leader in providing exterior renovations to homeowners and builders.

I designed and developed the website. The client has another business called Weatherguard Gutters, and for Weatherguard Exteriors, he was looking for something that looks very different.

The company offers a lot of services, and the challenge was to design a layout that is not only visually interesting, but also gives visitors information on each service at a glance.

I opted for the tile layout for this website which shows all the services on equal importance, and the background images give a visual break for the heavy text on the page.

The rest of the website pages also adopted the tile look in one way or another. The simplicity in use of colours and text treatment allow the project photos to stand out more. The client was very pleased with the design and development of the website.


Weatherguard Exteriors


May, 2016