Talentosa Productions

Talentosa Productions is a dynamic organization of diverse young professional photographic creatives. They work with some of the best designers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists and production staff in Vancouver.

The Talentosa team came to me with frustrations over their old website. The old site showed photos in very small boxes, with lots of white space around the photos. The website did not bring out the grandeur of the photography works.

I examined the websites of the famous photographers that Talentosa follows, and most of them have white backgrounds and photos displayed in masonry or grid style. After looking at the amount of photos and categories Talentosa wanted to show on the website, I decided to design the site to feature one photo at a time, with a black background to bring out the stark contrast.

The black minimalistic approach to Talentosa’s website helps to focus all the attention on the photo, and makes navigating the site simple and effortless.


Talentosa Productions


April, 2016