Ready to Pay

Ready To Pay creates a modern dining experience by bringing mobile payment to restaurants. The client wanted a website redesign with a clean and professional look to show what the product offers.

I collaborated with another designer on this project, and we worked on concept building, wireframes, and mockups.

We started with research on websites for start-ups and SAAS companies. And we proposed to the client that the top hero section should have a clear and succinct summary with relevant imagery, so users are informed of the industry and service at a glance.

With the initial wireframes, we proposed content tabs and columns to organize information, so that product features are grouped and easily accessed. After further collaboration with the client, we opted for the river flow to show product features, because the product is still in its early stage, and highlighting each feature tells a better story and helps Ready to stand out from competitions more.


Ready to Pay


April, 2017