Noravera Visuals

Noravera is a digital video production company based in Vancouver, BC. They are masters of video storytelling.

This project was completed with Ballentine Media Inc. I developed the website and designed solutions for showing videos on the website. The goal of the website is to let Noravera’s video works capture visitors’ interest right off the bat. Noravera’s productions speak for themselves, and our challenge was to find the best way to let users experience the videos.

The site design is very minimal, using just black and white, to help the videos stand out. On the case study pages, each project plays within a black frame, helping visitors focus on the video itself.

The site uses a lot of pop-up video players, which is quick, accessible, and easy to return to the selection page so users can easily browse through the videos.


Noravera Visuals


July, 2016