Logo Designs

These were logos produced for a few projects, as well as my personal branding.

Fittimon was produced for an idea for a mobile app that allows users to raise a virtual pet, whose health and needs need to be satisfied by the users staying active. The logo design is playful and lively, giving users a glimpse of what the product is about.

Vinyl Society was made for a website project that is all about vinyl discs. The design aims to bring some dynamic and fun back to vinyl, and show the physicality of the disc through the logo.

My personal branding started out from the idea of a traditional Chinese stamp. I want to honour my heritage, and make something that is bold, traditional, and memorable. The letters “M” and “F” are hidden in the white lines. All of the lines in my logo have some uneven curves, because I want them to appear natural, like the rocks, streams, and roads in nature.