Humility is the soil of knowledge

Curiosity is the water that helps it grow

Empathy is the sunlight that shows us which way to bend

Design and Me

The design process is a lot like counselling. A counsellor does not presume, he or she listens, unravels stories, find patterns and pains, and suggests something for the patient to try.

When the patient returns, the counsellor reviews what’s been tried, what works and does not work, and continues to discover and test. A counsellor does not devise a treatment plan without understanding the patient first. A designer does not design without understanding the problem space first.

I began my career in front-end development because I enjoyed problem-solving and making designs come to life. Over time, I developed a passion for design because I want to solve bigger problems. The Design Thinking method helps me to break complex problems down into clearly defined problems to tackle with an iterative approach. The biggest value designers bring to companies is validated learning. We help companies decide what is the right thing to build, and how to build it well.

Design Thinking Method

I love the journey of working with passionate people to turn ideas into reality, and build better products and digital experiences for the world.

Design Tools


Invision (prototyping)


Photoshop (usability testing)

Zeplin (asset handoff) (digital whiteboarding)


HTML5, CSS3, responsiveness


WordPress custom development

Basic React and Javascript


JIRA & Confluence



Google Analytics & Tag Manager


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

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