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Maggie Fu

Maggie Fu


Coming from a diverse background in consulting, design, and tech, Maggie loves solving complex problems and providing tailored design solutions to businesses and users.

Design is a journey. It is inspiring and rewarding, and it can be ambiguous and tough. What we design is only good if we design the right thing. Maggie approaches the problem space with a curious and open mind, always seeks to learn and understand first, then test the assumptions and iterate on the solutions. She believes good design is the product of countless failures and iterations.

Broker Application

I worked on an internal software for a leader in the Canadian mortgage industry, with over 40% of the broker market and over $44 billion in loan volume a year.

The software serves broker in many areas of their businesses, such as CRM, payroll, email and marketing services, reporting, expense management etc.

As a ten-year-old software, both the technology and user experience were due for a transformation. I worked with a delivery team of thirty people over a year to redesign and develop the software for a fresh experience.


UX/UI design

Product Discovery

User flows and Wireframing

Usability Testing

Ready to Pay Website Design

Ready to Pay

Ready To Pay creates a modern dining experience by bringing mobile payment to restaurants. The client wanted a website redesign with a clean and professional look to show what the product offers.

I collaborated with another designer on this project, and worked on concept building, wireframes, and mockups. I also developed the site in Hubspot.



Web design & development

Responsive design



WechatGOGO is a startup business that offers marketing services for Wechat business accounts in North America. I was the design lead on the team, responsible for designing and overseeing all design related projects.

I also designed and developed many mobile platforms embedded within the Wechat app for business owners to advertise their products and services.


Web design & development

UI/UX design

Responsive design

Graphic design

Other Projects

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

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