• Shed It UI Design

Shed It!

This is a personal project to present the concept for a fitness app. The app has customized lessons according to users’ fitness goals such as lose fat, build muscle mass, or toning. Users can either follow our suggested lessons, or pick the lessons that interest them. Each lesson will be composed of a series of very short videos each showing a single move, with a trainer demonstrating the movements and suggesting number of sets and reps. The app will also have an activity feed where users can check-in, post photos, and share. Other users can “like”,”follow”, and “comment”.

The target audience of Shed It! are people who want to be more confident with their bodies, and want to be more healthy and active. They are new to, or have some experience in fitness training. They are looking for an easy-to-use, informative, and motivating tool to help them with their fitness goals.

I created user case scenarios, user flow diagrams, wireframes, and designs for the UI for this app to illustrate the concept. For people who are new to fitness, the “on-boarding” process of Shed It! follows a step by step approach, to gather user information and present customized lessons. The app uses recognizable icons to make the social platform familiar to users, and intuitive to use. Colour coding is used to separate different sections of the app, and stays consistent across the app so users get familiar with general usage.


May, 2016